Zanzibar Excursions

In the 18th Century the Sultan of Oman visited Zanzibar and was amazed by the favorable climate of the Island. Comparing with his homeland’s climate, the Sultan decided to stay in Zanzibar. As a result of his decision to settle in Zanzibar, he brought and planted spices, traded slaves, gold, and ivory.

Zanzibar is popular for its historical sites, beautiful beaches, good climate and different kinds of spices and oriental foods. Zanzibar is now leading in tourism industry in East Africa. Furthermore, the Island was declared the World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2000.

STONE TOWN: This town is also known as Unguja Town or Zanzibar Town.

At Stone Town you will see the following things: The Stone Town Cultural Centre (Old Dispensary) situated along the Mizingani Road, the four storey building originally built as a private residence, but later used by colonists as Dispensary..

Sites to visit in Zanzibar


The Kizimkazi fishing village is located on the southern point of the island which gives the tourists a chance to swim with Dolphins in the Indian Ocean.


One of the common expeditions done in Zanzibar by visitors and indigenous from the mainland of Tanzania is to visit spices plantations.


Palace Museum was formerly the residence of the Sultan of Zanzibar. This large white house depicts about the Sultan’s life and properties such as fancy furniture etc.


This fort stands next to the House of Wonders. The fort was built on the site of a Portuguese chapel. It is believed that the construction took place between 1698 and 1701.

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Zanzibar Excursions

Zanzibar Excursions